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About Us


Hi there my name is Minette! Welcome to the perfect place where the admiration of dogs, the enthusiasm for correct handling skills, the love of sculpting and correcting the perfect figure of pooch and pup combines within a serene and caring, hygienic atmosphere. 

Personal Statement

As a dog groomer I believe the health and well-being of any pet is paramount. Within the salon, emphasis is always given to all practicing groomers', dog-handling skills, behavioral assessment competencies, and complete thoroughness in the health inspection of the dogs coats, skin, teeth and gums. This ensures our clients that their pets will be treated with up to date, safe and tested grooming procedures, and also that anxious, elderly, or hyper-sensitive dogs are cared for correctly throughout their grooming experience.

Personal History

My love for working creatively with canine pure breeds and crosses came from an early age, and grew as I gained opportunities within my teenage years to help friends and family's pets with a trim here or there to keep them cooler during the summer months. 

To pursue my passion and in order to prioritize the dog's well-being as well as my own, in correctly handling these precious pups, professional training was necessary. 

So after graduating with an (unrelated) Business Management Communication Degree in 2015, I entered straight into on-going intense professional training program and was taught and trained by 3 different well established dog groomers here in the Waikato region, New Zealand.

(-with over 58 years of experience between them including training from a registered vet nurse and certified dog trainer, Sue Logan).

The year of 2018 will see me complete my first New Zealand Master Groomer' examinations as part of my commitment to the National Dog Groomers Association New Zealand.

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